Hi! My name is Kaitlin and I am a 24 year old living in the Sacramento area of California with my husband and our cat, Hazel. I love love love fashion and always have! I decided in the 7th grade that I wanted to do something in the industry. It’s fluctuated from planning fashion shows to styling magazine photo shoots and I’m still not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up! I’m currently studying marketing and fashion and I love all things social media and blogging. So this seemed like a good place to start. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

When I started Fashionably Late by Kate, I really wanted to showcase a different side of blogging. I’ve always loved writing and photography and it was important to bring that to the table, but I also wanted all of my posts to have some sort of purpose behind them rather than just parading around in an expensive outfit and calling it a day. I’m a young newlywed and a college student, so I don’t always have the biggest clothing budget! I hope you can learn something from my posts or at least get inspired!

Fun facts:

  • I lived in Arizona for 12 years. Don’t let the word “Arizona” fool you; I lived in the mountains where it was freezing and snowed for nearly half the year.
  • I’m lactose intolerant and although I’ve learned to live with it, I still miss Del Taco quesadillas!
  • I was in the Glee choir in High School and had a solo when we performed Don’t Stop Believing at a pep rally. I was also on the dance team for 9th and 10th grade!
  • I had my appendix removed in 2016, not even two months after I met my now husband. A trip to the E.R. and emergency surgery is definitely a fun date night idea. (NOT!)
  • I’m absolutely obsessed with Bob’s Burgers. Like a ridiculous amount…
  • I have a cat named Hazel and some of her nicknames include: Shmaisel, Shnoodle, Shnoople, Shnoo, Hey-zil, Hazel Pazel, and Paze. I have no idea where any of these came from but they regularly come out of my mouth. I also like to make up songs about her and sing them to her. She loves it.
  • I’ve never been out of the country and the most “major” trip I ever took was to New York City a few years ago. I constantly dream about going back.
  • My family and I have always been obsessed with Disneyland. Whenever it was time to take a vacation that was the only place we wanted to go! Luckily my husband and his family are equally as into Disney and I’ve had the pleasure of going with them there twice now.
  • I love plants! My dad was a landscape designer and my mom can name every weird tree and flower we drive by. This doesn’t mean that I can keep even succulents alive, though. Unfortunately…

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