We Bought a House!! (A Little Background + Before Pictures!)

It’s been a minute since I posted anything on here and that’s because we have been so busy! We went to Disneyland for my birthday in February (blog post on that coming eventually, lol) and then immediately jumped into house hunting mode when we got back. We had technically been looking since October with the idea that we’d be able to purchase after my birthday. Looking at houses before actually being in the position to buy them proved to be a bad idea, I fell in love with two houses and it was not fun to watch them sell. Ultimately, though, everything worked out just the way it should and we ended up with the best house!

The process was super quick and relatively painless. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was not that. We worked with Candice at Movement Mortgage and Stephanie at Tri County Real Estate. I’ve actually known Stephanie since I was born! She was our neighbor at the time and her son was born two months after me. It’s crazy that 25 years later, here we are! We met with our lender, Candice, in November to start the process and then officially got pre approved the week we came back from Disneyland. The next week, we took a tour of what would be our home, fell in love with the location and all the potential this little house had, made an offer, and the next day we were in escrow! We were in escrow for a little over 20 days and ended up signing our closing papers on what would’ve been my dad’s birthday. Even up in heaven, he was definitely a big part of this process.

The next day, we got the keys, and officially became home owners! That was a little over a month ago and we’re finally ready to officially move in! Luckily, the lease on our apartment isn’t up until next week and we’ve been able to stay there while our house looked like a demolition zone. So far we’ve painted every room (except the bathrooms) and got new carpeting upstairs and new wood laminate downstairs. We’ve also ripped out a fireplace and a cabinet! The house is still a work in progress but we’re excited to be able to live there and finish up our projects. Coming up soon: painting cabinets, finishing the fireplace, and tiling the bathrooms! I’m also still on the hunt for fun decorative items and we need a kitchen table. I have so many inspo pictures pinned on my Pinterest! You can follow along on these boards: Cactus Ct and Home.

Here are a few before pictures. It already looks so much different even now!

So far, I’ve taken off that lovely little grape vine above the microwave and picked out a paint color for the cabinets. We’re going with ‘heather’ from Dunn Edwards!

Back when we were just looking at the zillow listing and hadn’t even seen the property yet, my mother in law mentioned taking down that cabinet above the sink and that was one of the things that really helped me visualize this space as ours. We managed to get it down last week and it makes the space look so much more open!

This is our little dining nook.

This entryway is huge!

That large mantel, etc. around the fireplace is down and we’re left with brick. I want to paint the brick white and add a simple mantel! I can’t wait to hang stockings at Christmastime!

Our cute backyard! Just needs a little cleanup. We’re super excited to barbecue out here and dine al fresco.

This is our room! We just need a way to cover the closets! This room worked out in a way that there’s actually a large walk in closet as well, but the previous owner used it as an office. So now I get to use it as an office too! I’ve dubbed it the ‘cloffice.’

I can’t wait to share more pictures as it comes together! It’s definitely been such a labor of love already and we’re just getting started. Thanks for following along!

Until next time,

x. Kaitlin

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    And we get to officially move in tomorrow. = )

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